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Practitioner Briefings: Social security / Benefits and tax credits

Personal Independence Payment September 2016

The Law Centre has produced four briefings for advisers on specific issues surrounding Personal Independence Payment:

PIP 1. Introduction (PDF)
PIP 2. Making a claim (PDF)
PIP 3. Moving from DLA to PIP (PDF)
PIP 4. Supplementary payments (PDF)


Social Security Impact of Brexit (PDF) August 2016

There is much uncertainty over the impact of leaving the European Union on social security for both EU nationals living in the UK, UK nationals living in EU countries, and cross-border workers (people who live on one side of border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and working in the other jurisdiction).

In the short term, all current social security arrangements will remain as they are for EU nationals living in the UK, and for UK nationals living in other EU countries. In the medium term, there could be extensive changes.

This briefing sets out for advisers:

  • the benefits that a person can continue to receive when they are no longer living in the UK, and
  • the benefits that are currently available in cross-border circumstances.


The Benefit Cap in Northern Ireland (PDF) June 2016

From 31 May 2016 the benefit cap limits the amount, in total, that claimants can receive in benefit payments each week.  In practice, this should not have an immediate financial impact on claimants as the related supplementary payment also applies from this date until 31 March 2020. However, as their benefit needs change (for example if the family has a new child), their supplementary payment will not increase. 

Aimed at frontline advisers and support workers, this briefing explains:

  • how the cap will be applied;
  • the benefits which entitle claimants to be exempted from the cap;
  • additional protection for families until 31 March 2020;
  • likely impact.


Mandatory Reconsideration and Direct Lodgement of Appeals (PDF) May 2016

This briefing provides information on new rules affecting social security disputes and appeals which took effect in Northern Ireland from 23 May 2016.

These important changes affect anyone challenging a social security decision made on or after 23 May 2016.


ESA reassessments following appeal (PDF) February 2016

What can advisers do to help clients who return multiple times to seek help with reassessments after successful appeals?


Timeline of changes to the habitual residence and right to reside requirements for social security benefits  (PDF)  January 2015

2014 saw a substantial number of changes to the residence requirements for entitlement to certain benefits.
The Law Centre has published a briefing setting out the changes which have been implemented so far and those which are anticipated to be introduced later. This briefing was updated in January 2015 - please discard any copy of the earlier version.


When judicial review is the right remedy February 2013 (PDF)

An information briefing highlighting instances in social security law where judicial review is the only, or the most important, remedy in dealing with certain issues involving social security and the tax credits system.




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