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Short training application form
    - Only use letters and numbers.
    - Special characters (for example &, hyphens, quote marks and brackets) cannot be used.
    - All boxes marked (*) must be filled in.
    - Date must be written in full.
    If your form doesn't send when you click 'submit', you will see 'invalid entry' below each box that contains an error. Try filling the form again following the instructions above. Thanks
  2. Course Title(*)
    Invalid Input
  3. Venue(*)
    Invalid Input
  4. Date of Course(*)
    Invalid Input
    Please enter date in full e.g. 12 January 2014
  5. Name(*)
    Invalid Input
  6. Email Address(*)
    Invalid Input
  7. Job Title
    Invalid Input
  8. Organisation
    Invalid Input
  9. Address 1(*)
    Invalid Input
  10. Address 2
    Invalid Input
  11. Address 3
    Invalid Input
  12. City(*)
    Invalid Input
  13. Postcode(*)
    Invalid Input
  14. Telephone(*)
    Invalid Input
  15. Are you a

    Invalid Input
  16. Do you have any disability related or other needs?
    Invalid Input
  17. If so, please specify:
  18. Training Programme Contact List
    Invalid Input
  19. How did you hear about this course?
    Invalid Input
  20. 7+1 = ?(*)
    Invalid Input
  22. Invalid Input
    Should circumstances mean that you have to cancel your course and are unable to transfer your booking to another date at the time of cancellation, the following charges will apply:
    If the training is cancelled with 29 calendar days or more before the course date a full refund will be given, cancellation between 15-28 days before the course date will mean a 50% refund and any cancellations after 14 days before the course date will not receive a refund.
    Also anyone that does not attend will not be given a refund.


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