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Consultation Responses: Employment


Independent Anti Slavery Commissioner: NRM consultation April 2017

It is necessary to improve legal redress for victims of labour exploitation; extending the tribunal time limits would be a helpful start.


Work & Pensions Committee - Self employment and the gig economy January 17

The introduction of Universal Credit is going to cause particular difficulties for low earning self- employed workers who are currently in receipt of tax credits. We make some recommendations that might help ease the impact.

We also highlight how self employment can be a method used by employers seeking to reduce their duties/liabilities to their workers i.e. to bypass employment rights. This is particularly worrying given the increase of ‘casual work’ (including zero hour contracts and agency workers) and the so called Gig Economy.



The Executive Office - programme for government 2016-2021 July 16

We commend the department for what this draft Programme for Government is trying to achieve. We make a number of suggestions for additional indicators and measures.

We look forward to the publication of the action plans, which are essential in order to make these ideas real and meaningful. 



DEL: Tribunal Rules  September 2015

While we welcome the intention of simplify the Tribunal Rules, we are concerned that the draft rules only seek to address the symtoms of a very coplex and adversarial process.  The rules do not - and cannot - address the underlying problem, which is that the tribunal system has become a very complex and legalistic environment that is very difficult and unforgiving for tribunal users to navigate.


DEL: Public Interest Disclosure and annual duty to report May 2015

A requirement on whistle blower regulators to report annually on the concerns raised by workers is generally a good idea. 



DEL: Zero Hours Contracts Oct 2014

The Law Centre believes that the use of zero hours contracts must be curtailed in situations where they are inappropriate.  We suggest a model of regulation which we believe acchieves this whilst not disadvantaging employers who have a genuine need for casual work.   



DEL: Employment Law Review Nov 2013

We welcome some of the innovations proposed by DEL designed to improve the dispute resolution process, however, we call for bolder reform and outline our own propoal.  We are very criticial of the proposal to increase the unfair dismissal qualifying period and to introduce 'protected conversations'.

DEL: Sharing Parent Rights and Extending Flexibility August 2013

We welcome DEL’s proposals to allow couples to share their parental leave and to make the right to request flexible working more widespread.

BIS and DEL: TUPE April 2013

We urge BIS and DEL not to repeal regulations relating to TUPE. We explain that, although we have concerns about the TUPE framework, they primarily relate to the widespread deficiencies in relation to employer compliance, rather than deficiencies with the amendments. Repealing the regulations will reduce protection for workers.



DEL: Employment Law Discussion Paper August 2012

LCNI evidence to DEL BIS on TUPE February 2012



DEL: The Agency Workers Directive 2010 March 2011



Additional Paternity Leave and Pay  February 2010

We welcome DEL’s proposal to introduce paid paternity benefits that can be accessed by the partners of mothers who have chosen to go back to work before their own maternity leave expires.



We support ‘whistleblowing’ legislation, which enables employees to make public interest disclosures about malpractices in the workplace without putting their job at risk. We also support the proposal to enable the Tribunal to send ‘whistleblowing’ cases to external regulators to speed up investigation.  However, we argue that claimants must give informed consent before this can happen.

Flexible Working and Time to Train October 2009

The Law Centre is in favour of extending the right to request flexible working to all employees. However, we argue that the right is relatively weak and should be strengthened if it is to bring about positive change to work practices.

DEL Resolving workplace disputes  September 2009

DEL Resolving workplace disputes (Executive Summary)



DEL: Employment Agencies and Businesses  September 2008

DEL: Resolving Workplace Disputes April 2008



DEL:  Increasing the Holiday Entitlement:  A Further Consultation May 2007



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