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National Minimum Wage: new rates

The rates for national minimum wage are changing on Wednesday:

  • for a worker aged sixteen or seventeen£3.79 per hour from 1 Oct 14;
  • for a worker aged eighteen to 20: £5.13 per hour from 1 Oct 14;
  • for a worker aged 21 and over: £6.50 per hour from 1 Oct 14.

Workers paid on a piece-rate basis should be paid the minimum hourly wage or get a fair piece-rate which allows them to earn the minimum wage.

Apprentices aged over nineteen and who have completed the first year of their apprenticeship must receive the national minimum wage at the rate applicable to their age.

Apprentices who are (i) in the first year of their contract of apprenticeship irrespective of age; or (ii) under nineteen must be paid at least  £2.73 per hour from 1 Oct 14).

More information on rights of employees in our Encyclopedia of Rights: http://www.lawcentreni.org/EoR/employment/rights-of-employees.html



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