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Successful resettlement for client with learning disabilities

The Law Centre represented a long-term patient in Muckamore Hospital who wanted to be resettled in the community.

He was admitted as a detained patient and re-graded to voluntary status after two years. Three years later, he was transferred to the step-down unit which prepares people for discharge, and sought the help of the Law Centre because he wanted to be resettled in the community and to enjoy an independent life as far as possible. He said he had attended various meetings about potential discharge into a flat or other suitable accommodation in the community but nothing ever came of it.

We entered into legal correspondence with the Trust Solicitors and Departmental Solicitor’s Office, arguing that his resettlement needs had not been adequately assessed for five years. After several letters and negotiations with the Trust and Department he was eventually resettled into the community

His successful resettlement was strengthened by JR47, another case the Law Centre ran and won regarding a long-stay patient in Muckamore.



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