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90 workers benefit from holiday pay case

The Law Centre tries to ensure that, where possible, its legal work has an impact beyond an individual client.
Recently, we represented a woman in a case of failure to pay holiday pay.

She had been working as a waitress in a local restaurant for almost two years. Throughout her employment she was told that 'floor staff' were not entitled to holiday pay. She rang our advice line after she had resigned from her job and raised a grievance about the issue.

We lodged a claim for an unlawful deduction from wages and entered into negotiations with her ex-employer. We found out that the employer was not paying holiday pay to all waiting staff and some kitchen staff.

The case settled for £3,000 and importantly, as part of the agreement, the employer agreed that, from now on,  all staff, without exception, would receive their statutory minimum entitlement to holiday leave and holiday pay. This part of the settlement will benefit around 90 employees.



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