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Belfast Integration and Participation Project update

Training on Right to Reside and Benefits, Housing, Social Services and Health Care

There was a lot of interest in this two-day training course which was quickly booked out and was attended by diverse groups including benefits advisers, social workers, solicitors, migrant specialists and housing advisers.

We worked in groups and learnt through dealing with real scenarios as multi disciplinary teams.  It was a great opportunity to network with other people who work with migrants and have had different and often difficult experiences in resolving problem situations.  There was a lot of discussion and learning and it was agreed that the course was very worthwhile for all.

Forthcoming events in 2013

The BIPP Project will run until the end of June 2013.

Focus groups

There will be three further focus groups dealing with issues affecting migrants.  The dates proposed for these are:

Thursday 17 January 2013         11am – 1pm

Thursday 7 March 2013              11am – 1pm

Thursday 13 June 2013                11am – 1pm

Keep an eye on the Law Centre's website for further information on what will be covered at these groups.  The first focus group dealt specifically with tax credit issues that affect migrants and covered making claims and the fast track procedure.  Advisers have reported that this information session has made a real difference to the experience of migrants claiming tax credits and has led to claims being processed much more quickly.  Law Centre has also taken on a number of cases where there have been delays of many months in the processing of claims made by migrants for tax credits and child benefit.

Further training

There will be two further free two day training courses on Universal Credit and Migrants which will be accompanied by an online guide.

The dates for the training on Universal Credit –Migrant Issues are 16 and 23 May 2013 and then 30 May and 6 June 2013.



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