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Support the call for five key actions to welcome refugees

Justin Kouame, Chairperson of Northern Ireland Community of Refugees and Asylum Seekers addresses the crowd at Belfast City Hall Rally 10 September 2015

The Law Centre is a member of the Refugee and Asylum Forum which supports the call for Syrian refugees to be resettled in Northern Ireland. The Forum has identified five key actions that Stormont could take to smooth the integration of newly arriving Syrian refugees and considerably improve the situation for current asylum seekers and refugees. They are explained here:

Five Key Actions - Ensuring Northern Ireland Responds to the needs of Refugees

And in an easy-to use leaflet: SAFER - 5 small asks (+1) for a big NI welcome for refugees

We presented the '5 akey actions' to a specially convened meeting of Belfast City Council on Monday 7 September. We are pleased with the initial response and will continue to press the Northern Ireland Executive to do all that is in its power to ensure the successful settlement of refugees.

Liz Griffith explains 5 key actions to help refugees in NI at Amnest/ICTU event

How you can help:

Refugee Asylum Forum's ‘5 actions needed for Northern Ireland to Welcome Refugees’

If you support Refugee & Asylum Forum’s ‘5 actions needed for Northern Ireland to Welcome Refugees’, you can write to your MLA and Councillor. You can use these template letters to help you:

Letter to MLA

Letter to Belfast City Councillor

You can print out the letters to post to your local representatives.

Or you can copy the text into an email.

You should:

- personalise your letter by adding a few nice words about why this is important to you,

- sign it, and add your address or at least your postcode.

You can find your political representatives here, just type in your postcode: www.writetothem.com

Here is how to find your MLA’s contact details    

Here is how to find Belfast Councillors’ contact details



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