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Immigration and asylum Information Briefings

EEA nationals and permanent residence - October 2017

As the Brexit negotiations continue, many European nationals are concerned about their status in the UK. This briefing sets outthe government’s currently stated position in relation to the rights of EEA nationals and options for EEA nationals to consider for retaining status in the current circumstances.


Immigration advice and representationDecember 2013

A Law Centre leaflet in 10 languages. Also available as a poster.


Young people and trafficking - December 2013

A leaflet detailing a new Law Centre (NI) / Comic Relief Project 


Human trafficking: new working arrangements for adult victims of trafficking in Northern Ireland March 2013


The best interests of children in immigration law March 2013


Briefings on immigration, marriage, partnerships and family relationships  March 2013


Strengthening the Common Travel Area  March 2012


The case of Z February 2012


Senior care workers and immigration - changes to tier 2 of the points based system April 2011


HJ (Iran) - A fundamental shift in asylum law March 2011


Changes to immigration tribunals

From 15 February 2010, the functions of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal have transferred to a new two-tier system.  This briefing explains the workings of the Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber, and how these changes affect clients and their advisers


This booklet for people who have been trafficked briefly explains their rights and how to contact us for help. Twelve languages: English, Albanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, French, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Thai


An A4 poster with the word ‘Exploited?’ in all the languages above, and the Law Centre’s advice line number. For display in public areas


This booklet tells people where they can get immigration advice in Northern Ireland. Twenty-one languages: English, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, Farsi, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tetum, Turkish, Urdu


A Refugee Action Group publication with important information for asylum seekers who may be detained in Northern Ireland. (The Law Centre is a member of Refugee Action Group)


A Refugee Action Group booklet to answer frequently asked questions about refugees and dispel myths about asylum


Published in 2001, Sanctuary in a cell is a report on the detention of asylum seekers in prisons in Northern Ireland. The practice has now been discontinued, and immigration detainees are now routinely sent to detention centres in England and Scotland (see Forced to flee below). The report remains an important document in understanding the specific history of Northern Ireland's treatment of asylum seekers. You can order the full report for £9.95 here


A progress report on the detention of asylum seekers in Northern Ireland, published in July 2003



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